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Worker Creating Vase in Dark

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Previously on Darkwood Brew:

Clayton Live

Featured Guest: Clayton Chapman
Pneuma Divina: James 4:11-17

Marsha Live

Featured Guest: Marsha Bonner
Pneuma Divina: Romans 7:14 – 8:6


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Ian hs

Was it just coincidence or was it the work of the Spirit that one verse of the Pneuma Divina passage this week was Simply embrace what the Spirit is doing in… (Read more)

Ian hs

Do you know the hardest thing about comedy?

No, what’s the hardest…

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What Is Darkwood Brew?

Led by Rev. Eric Elnes, Ph.D., Darkwood Brew is a groundbreaking interactive web gathering featuring world-class jazz musicians, live interviews with international guests, arts, and a variety of interactive media.

The name Darkwood Brew is a nod back to the Christian mystics who understood time spent in darkwood experiences (i.e. lostness, emptiness, failure, and uncertainty) can be times of great possibility and revelation.

Small Group Resources

Small groups provide a unique way to share and realize new dimensions of faith and community. We offer discussion resources and tips for those who want to explore the themes presented at DWB together. Get started!

Our current guided episodes are available for streaming, free of charge here:

Busy: Restoring Connection to an Unhurried God


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